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Funny, hillarious, commietunes – episode 5 – obama communist / marxist / socialist / maoist(0) – Funny, Hillarious, commietunes – The Episode 5 – Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist / Progressive – Starring Barack Obama, SEIU Andy Stern, George Soros, Howard Dean, Harry Reid. See More commietunes and commieblaster Videos at…


Reid joins obama as he signs travel promotion act into law(0)

Nevada Senator Harry Reid today joined President Obama in the Oval Office as he signed the Travel Promotion Act into law. Reid led the Senate in passing this legislation to help boost tourism in Nevada. Using the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority’s model for Las Vegas, the new law creates a public-private corporation that [...]

Gop ‘working’ on bunning solution(0)

Majority Leader Harry Reid attacked Republicans Tuesday, following Senator Jim Bunning(R-Ky.) objection to extending unemployment benefits. Republican leadership had little to say on the matter, other than ‘they’re working on it.’…

Nuclear option for healthcare (okay, semi-nuclear option)(0)

Jim Bunning Nuclear Option: Obama’s Own Words:…

Nuclear option for healthcare(0)

Jim Bunning Nuclear Option: Obama’s Own Words:…

Unemployed woman talks about how she and many others got screwed by jim bunning(0)

02 March, 2010 MSNBC…

Bunning objects…again(0)

Despite criticism from his constituents, Sen. Jim Bunning again objected to a unanimous consent request from Sen. Susan Collins to proceed to a bill including short-term extensions for unemployment benefits and COBRA….

Harry potter, barack obama, underworld 4 tv series? + olympics 2010 news(0)

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