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Face the nation, 03.08.10(0)

Senators Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) and Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) discuss health care and the state of Washington. Plus; Politico’s Jim vandehei and Washington Post’s Dan Balz join the discussion….

Mitt romney for president in 2012(0)

Mitt Romney is absolutely no different than socialist Obama. Mitt Romney has created a mess in Massachusetts with his Romney Care which is exactly what socialist Obama wants to do the Nation. If this is what the republican party has to offer they can keep Mitt Romney. You need to demand better from the Republican [...]

The best anti barack obama bumper stickers(0)

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Thom on hagan protest(0)

Thom reviews the days activities and the protest of Kay Hagan at the Wilmington Hilton….

Michelle malkin says to gop ’stop it! repeal as a platform won’t work’!(0)

I could never include all the topics that are covered when Michelle Malkin comes on Fox & Friends. This morning, it was almost to the point of being overwhelming. There’s everything from “wreckonciliation” as in the train-wreck coming with demcare (aka obamacare and pelosicare), to Senator Jim Bunning trying to do what he could do [...]

Steve jobs sues (and steals), more spying teachers, and jim bunning hates america(0)

Steve jobs is still crazy and getting crazier, More teachers have spied on students, and Jim Bunning apparently hates being a senator, because he is forcing people in his own state to lose work and unemployment benefits. Apple sues HTC: Steve Jobs admits to stealing ideas: Bunning hates america updates: Teachers being [...]

Hc summit: president’s opening 2 statement (2)(0)

President Barck Obama in his First State of the Union Address Jan 27 2010 Part 3To Se The Speech with Farsi translatin gotoprinceshadow16april8…

Hc summit: president’s 6 opening statement (2)(0)

President Obama lays out the plan for the day and hs hopes for what can be accomplshed. He talks about where we are now and why this meeting is so necssar……