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Duncan: no march madness for teams with low grad rates(0)

March 22, 2010 (2:46) US Education Secretary Arne Duncan is urging the NCAA to ban sports teams from post-season play if they don’t graduate at least 40% of their players….

Real human reaction to video game violence(0)

After watching Hillary Clinton say that video games train children children’s brains to react aggressively automatically, I set forth to find someone who had been affected by such a violent media – a violent and offensively aggressive pastime that most children now see as “recreation” had done serious brain damage and in every aspect of [...]

Barack obama fifa 10(0)

Barack Obama play’s soccer too…

Obama-mania board game music video(0)

Obama-Mania is a high stakes, all in, strategy game – based upon the greatest of prizes, the presidency of the United States of America. Thus the game, as was the campaign, is without a dull moment or move. You, the player, are the campaign strategist. The candidate, Barack Obama, must trust you completely, in this [...]

Hillary clinton: betrayed, in the end, by senate boys club?(0)

so who really betrayed her………………….

Pastor anderson prays barack obama will die of braincancer wtf(0)

Pastor Anderson Prays Barack Obama Will Die Of Braincancer WTF http Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys NY State of Mind Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway Birdman Money to Blow Timbaland Drake Say Something Juelz Santana Chris Brown Back To The Crib Jay-Z Rihanna Kanye West Run This Town……


Ayla brown says dad can’t stop her from posing nude(0)

Ayla Brown says her dad, Scott Brown, can’t stop her or her sister, Arianna from posing nude. Ayla Brown challenges Barack Obama to a basket ball game. Ayla Brown plugs her new CD. Scott Brown votes with Democratic majority on Jobs bill….


Barack obama alien defense part 2 hd!(0)

Link for game: once i get 20 high scores on the comments i will start a viewers learderboard but make sure you subscribe so you dont miss out!…