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44th president of the United States

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Message to Alexander Stewart Leader of Australia’s Satanists.(0)

A JOHANNESBURG court has blocked a South African businessman from burning Bibles in response to a Florida pastor’s threat to burn the Koran. The Johannesburg High Court issued an urgent interdict late yesterday blocking Mohammed Vawda from holding a “Burn the Bible Day”, the Saturday Star reported. Mr Vawda had planned to burn Bibles at [...]

President Obama Proven Freemason and Occultist.(0)

A series of pictures, which expose President Obama for what he really is. Enjoy :)…

Barack Obama’s Preacher (Before Iran Is Bombed) :((0)

No description forthcoming….

Amazing Barack Obama Astrological Chart With Compass, Square, Pyramid(0)

Amazing chart shows freemason and illuminati symbols right in the chart. Not sure what birthplace the astrologer used. August 4 1961 AHST 21 N 18, 157 W 52.

Barack Obama Satan greets(0)

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Obama`s Ex-Classmate; “Barack is Leader of NWO”(0)

A clip from a Christian program that I stumbled across and thought the content was worthy to be shown to you… One of Barack Obama`s ex-classmates from college giving his testimony on the President of the United States, stating that Mr. Obama is going to be the leader of the new world order……

Doomsday Death Warning Hell on Earth 2012 Nibiru Planet X.flv(0) FREE DOWNLOAD OF ALL MY VIDEOS!!! 2012 Hell on Earth Doomsday Death Warning (6 2012 Doomsday Armageddon End Times Days Nibiru Death Code Warning Hell on Earth Planet PlanetX Jesus Christ God Messiah Bible Antichrist Devil Satan Lucifer Demon Demons Ghost Ghosts Spirit Spirits Barack Obama Joe Biden US USA America China Russia Martial [...]

Barack Obama is a dictator and a tyrant and the united states has turned into a dictatorship(1)

Please rate and comment and send this video to all of your contacts. Remember guys, The pen is mightier than the sword. Tell your family, your friends, your neighbors, every one you know and everyone you don’t know. Even if they are the most brainwashed sheep, tell them and maybe one day they will wake [...]