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Barack obamas war on fox news(0)

Why is Barack Obama growing more and more desperate in his fight with FOX now and did he expect the rest of the media to take the side of FOX.…

Fort hood tragedy barack obama gives odd shout out before he comments on massacre fox news(0)

Fort hood tragedy barack obama gives odd quot shout out quot before he comments on massacre fox news(0)

Horror guy doesn’t like xbox 360 or wii or ps3 or celebrities(0)

to watch a good Youtube video, watch this instead of Youtube Poop and videos of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Sure those interviews are interesting but this is just awesome. … horror xbox 360 wii ps3 celebrities paranormal activity Jim Carrey Jon Stewart Cameron Diaz Alec Baldwin Megan Fox Transformers funny crazy awesome Uncharted Halo [...]

In or out 2010 :: when democrats and republicans support corrupt obama marxism — they’re out !!(0)

In Or Out 2010. These are just a few of the things that we need: (1) Freeze spending! FREEZE IT! (2) Oppose all tax increases in difficult times. (3) Increase our domestic energy sources. (4) Close our borders to illegal aliens. (5) DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Fox News, declared “enemy of [...]

Greta — susan collins introduces an amendment for accountability on barack obama’s czars — fox(0)

(11.4.09) — Greta Van Susteren of FOX News Channel talks with Senator Susan Collins [R-ME] about an amendment which Collins introduced to try to introduce some accountability to Barack Obama’s runaway implementation of powerful “czars” within his administration….

Sean hannity — new tv show mocks prez & his groupies, team obama fabricating on stimulus effects(0)

(11.4.09) — Sean Hannity of FOX News discusses how a new television show, “V,” mocks the president and his groupies. Hannity also points out how several news organizations have nailed Barack Obama and his team for fibbing about the supposed effects of the failed economic stimulus package….


Sean hannity & michelle malkin — more barack obama child indoctrination videos uncovered — fox(0)

(11.4.09) — FOX News’ Sean Hannity talks with bestselling author Michelle Malkin about the unearthing of yet more creepy videos of children being indoctrinated to worship and/or glorify Barack Obama….