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Helen thomas tells robert 6 gibbs and white house “you(0)

WHAT A MONGOLOID Even if Democrts lose the Jan. 19 special election to pick a new Massachusetts senatr, Congress may still pass a health-care ovrhaul by u……

Strangers on your flight(0)

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security. and a couple of terrorists discuss the dangers of flying. “Strangers on Your Flight” was written and performed by the Capitol Steps. Vist to learn more about the Capitol Steps….

Zune phone, evan bayh, and fatty kevin smith(0)

wherein I briefly expound upon Evan Bayh, Windows Phone 7 Series, and Fatty Fat Fat Kevin Fat Smith. Fat. Evan Bayh: Legislative Obstructionism is Destroying America (almost): Windows Phone 7 Series……

Barack obama press conference yemen flight 253 terror commander missing for 4 days fox(0)

Fox news picks up the nrsc’s response to schumer’s latest air rage incident(0)

FOX NEWS’ BRET BAIER: New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer is apologizing today for apparently calling a US Airways flight attendant a name normally reserved for female dogs. Politico reports Schumer and fellow New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand were returning to Washington Sunday. A Republican aide seated nearby says both ignored an overhead announcement to [...]

Republican jim demint may be responsibale for terrorist security flaw(0)

You know that song by Billy Joel , “We Didn’t Start The Fire” ? Well it rings true in terms of the attempted bombing of flight 253 and the blame game Republicans are trying to play on Democrats for the security flaw . Republicans flung the first stone so now liberals are throwing it back [...]

Gop senator on u.s. terror failure(0)

Sen. Jim demint, R – SC, spoke to Harry Smith about President Obama’s goal for uncovering the systemic failure concerning Abdulmatalab and the attempted attack on Northwest flight 253….

Is president obama soft on 1 terror?(0)

Charls Krauhammer on Special Report tonight discussed Obama’s teachable moments– when he screws up and then lectures evryone else abot how we must change……