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Anna & faison 1990 – part 22(0)

Casey & Frisco on the run, Robert is suspicious…

Anna & faison 1990 – part 27(0)

Air Force goes after Casey, Robin asks Robert to help….

Anna & faison 1990 – part 28(0)

Air Force closes in. Robert goes along with plan to help Anna and Casey go on the run….

Anna & faison 1990 – part 29(0)

Anna & Casey on the run. Frisco fills Robert in on Casey and the search for the Crystal…

Katherine & robert part 622(0)

Audio disabled due to copyright issues…dialogue for Anna and Faison’s scene is below. This was a wonderfully acted scene and actually made me feel for Faison. Anders Hove is particularly good in this scene. May 1990: All rights belong to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Anna: You know you’re going to have to give him the [...]