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44th president of the United States

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The Confessions of Bi-Curious Flan Epsiode: 2(0)

A truly, unbelievable miracle has just occurred in Flan’s life. QUESTIONS FROM THE PEOPLE: Is BABY Mark Ripley the same Mark Ripley that kicked Flan’s ass? Can you really be born with a PENIS on your stomach? Do GINGERS have souls? Does Obama have his VIDEO CAMERA? Are MIDGETS the children of Satan? JUST SHUT [...]


This is just what i think….What do you think???…

things better than obama(0)

Just a few people I think would be a better President than Obama….

Barack h. obama is a fag!(0)

For more information on Obama’s Eligibility, visit: The “F” Word, episode from South Park

I hate faggots!! should gay people have rights?!!(15)

We want to know if you feel like gay people should have rights. This is one of our first debates on this issue. Please leave a comment, and press like also to show you support one belief or the other. i hate fags fag faggot faggots gay people trans have rights should barack obama give [...]

President obama in the mouth of a drunk man(0)

Jay are talking about obama and the united states of shit….

Barack obama and bill clinton affair in bed(0)

two prominent political figures are discovered together IN BED…

Obama admits to being gay!!!(0)

Barack Hussein Obama admits that he is a faggot!!!…