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Sen. DeMint, Palin Running for Pres. in 2012? Sen. Praises Tea Party On SIRIUS XM(0)

The morning after the 2010 elections, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint commented on his possibly running for president in 2012, as well as the potential candidacy of Sarah Palin. The GOP leader also praises the citizen action of the Tea Party and conservative talk radio while a guest on “The Mike Church Show,” heard mornings [...]

Democrats win in California(0)

Governor Jerry Brown wins in the state and Barbara Boxer is re-elected to the Senate. . . Follow us on twitter at ….

Obama Holds Post Midterm Election Press Conference(0)

President Obama remarks on yesterday’s midterm elections and how he will approach governing during the next Congress….

Obama Vs. Zombies Hacked(0)

Play Here: Its the president Obama in a flash game!…

President Obama: I Feel Bad(0)

November 3, 2010 — At a press conference Wednesday, President Obama said he felt bad after losing democratic seats in congress, but took full responsibility for the losses….

Obama takes responsibility for US voters’ frustration‎(0)

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama, the US president, has said he believes that voters are “deeply frustrated” at the slow pace of the economic recovery after they punished his Democratic party by handing control of the House of Representatives to Republicans in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, the president pledged to [...]

Obama on Midterm Shellacking: ‘It Feels Bad’(0)

Read the Transcript: President Obama said he was humbled by the Republican gains in the House and talked of bipartisanship in his post-election news conference Wednesday at the White House….

We’re Not Stupid Mr. President(0)

President Obama has thrown away agenda and assumed that bi-partisanship was now crucial in order to get America on the right path. Mr. President, weren’t you supposed to be working with the Republicans for the past two years? The answer is yes, you were supposed to. But that was not what you did. Now you’re [...]