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The donovan’s halloween porch(0)

With candles, bats and a Shaun of the Dead pumpkin :)…

Barack obama killed during a speech(0)

Obama was shot today during a speech! OMG this is terrible, I can’t believe it happened!!! warning: very graphic!…

Inconvenient lie for gore as arctic ice claims don’t add up(0)

One” that got way! Al Gore “I Can Not Tell A Lie And I Do Not Know The Truth”! … al gore global warming planet lie scam lying crisis environmental activists climate climategate emails change summit cold night ice summer heat wave freezing temperatures midwest blizzard stranded killed dead nebraska plowing police rescue fair trade [...]

Dead & buried-paint it black(0)

To The Underrated, And Overlooked Horror Classic, Dead & Buried Starring James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson, Dennis Redfield, Nancy Locke, Lisa Blount, And Robert Englund. Directed By Gary Sherman. Song Is Paint It Black By GOB(Thanks To Sierra12 For The Song Suggestion.) … “Dead & Buried” “James Farentino” “Melody Anderson” “Jack Albertson” “Dennis Redfield” [...]

Liberals vow to go after obama – afghanistan!(0)

Welcome America & The World – I am Obama-Stein. Liberals Vow To Go After Obama For Sending Troops to Afghanistan President Obama is days away from announcing a new Afghan strategy, but his immediate battle could come from liberals within his own party who are vowing to “spank” the president for committing tens of thousands [...]

Truth of palestine حقيقة واقع فلسطين(0)

فلسطين إسرائيل ح

Obama-stein: obama refuses to call maj. hasan a terrorist?(0)

I guess it is hard for one Muslim to call another a “Terrorist”! Remember this America – and – Barack Hussein Obama!…

Obama at fort hood memorial service november 10, 2009 (part 2 of 2)(0)

President Barack Obama pays tribute to the soldiers who were killed at Fort Hood, Texas. Tuesday, November 10, 2009. Part 1: