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Obama given honorary winter olympic gold medal – in skiing?(0)

Rumors are flying that United States President Barack Hussein Obama secretly received an honorary Olympic Gold Medal in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for his downhill abilities, most notably the fastest downhill slide of a President’s approval rating in history. Soundtrack Credit To beatdown Audio: ♞

Senator jim bunning (r) kentucky(0)

Mean spirited old man punishing the unemployed as a cover for his bigorty and reactionary want toward President Obama and the Democrats. Mr. Bunning says its about the budget. He had no trouble asking for millions for Kentucky pork and resolutions that bennefitted him and his corrupt friends….


Seiu union president, andy”tool” stern has open access to barack obama(0)

Another Illegal action of the Obama Administration….Andy Stern says the investigators have a different vision of America……

Is barack hussein obama – the antichrist & evil?(0)

Sen. evan bayh, d-in is finished with corrupt congress(0)

Sen. baucus nominated girlfriend for u.s. attorney(0)

Welcome America & The World – I am Obama-Stein! I am registered as an Independent. Don’t blame people like me for mess and screw ups of this gov. and Pres.! Baucus admits he nominated girlfriend for US Attorney Demo Senator Max Baucus of Montana recommended that his “girlfriend” be hired by the government for US [...]

Geithners congressional hearing(0)

Timothy Geithner has absolutely no excuse for his behaviour. A complete cover-up fail with no consequences at all. What a terrible day for the American people and the so called free world….

Corrupt leftist barbara boxer: you know what the real issue is in climate-gate? e-mail theft(0)

americasnewstoday.Com Corrupt Leftist Barbara Boxer: You Know What the Real Issue Is In Climate-gate? E-mail Theft 12-02-09…