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Obama in china snl liberals skit (yes, even they know) :: obama & the democrats are bad for america(0)

An SNL skit condensed to show the KEY POINTS that even media Liberals KNOW Obama makes no sense for the good of America. Of course, marxist Obama and the communist Democrats are not lame-brains; there IS a HIDDEN AGENDA going on here (but not covered in the skit — hey, you can’t expect Liberals to [...]

Is president barack obama the highlander???.wmv(0)

President Barack Obama has been accused of being: A communist, a “Nazi”. etc etc.. However, I’ve uncovered CONCLUSIVE proof that Mr. Obama is a Highlander. This means that: He has lived a long life in different countries around the world, and in different eras. Don’t believe me??.. Please take a look at the incontrovertible video [...]

Cnn reporter detained over ‘obamao’ t-shirt display in shanghai, china(0)

Barack Obama Communist Mao Zedong Chinese security police banned shirts Emily Chang news correspondent detainment scuffle market Communism Hu Jintao dictator Oba Mao AFP NTDTV News & Politics November 2009 … CNN reporter detained in Shanghai China ObaMao Oba-Mao t-shirts US President Barack Obama Communist “Mao Zedong” Chinese security police banned shirts “Emily Chang” news [...]

Rosendo “marty” martinez on cuba 11-18-09(0)

about the methods Castro used to exert complete control over the Cuban people and how those methods are being used in the Unied States today. Finally, he admonishes Americans to wake up and recognize what they stand to lose if they don’t stand up against socialists like President Barack Obama and his liberal Democrat cronies. [...]

Michael savage reviews barack obama’s dangerous un-american czars – (november 17, 2009)(0)

The following is the list of 28 government positions fitting the description of czars: Herb Allison — TARP Czar — Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability Alan Bersin — Border Czar — Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs Dennis Blair — Intelligence Czar — Director of National Intelligence [...]

Pastor james manning – like mao tse tung like obama(0)

Investigate Barack Hussein Obama….

‘oba-mao’ t-shirts depict obama as a communist in china(0)

(CNN) — At local markets, Chinese government officials banned a popular Obama t-shirt over fears that it would offend their guest. It depicts Obama wearing a Chinese Communist outfit made famous by Mao Zedong, the late Communist leader. The back has “Oba-Mao” printed on it. Barack Obama visits China Oba-Mao Obamao Mao Zedong Communist [...]

Marxist white house on killing spree :: the free market system is on their hit list !! ba-da-bing!(0)

community organizer … A ‘community organizer’ is an agitator — a rabble-rouser.” The mixed-race Kenyan called Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro (that’s right, illegal alien). The OBAMACRIMES website (and the lawsuits to force the production of Obama/Soetoro’s withheld birth certificate) “was created after research indicated that Barack Obama is not [...]