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Dan rathers racist comments about president obama(0)

Listen as Dan Rather shows how much of a jackass he is as you hear Dan Rathers racist comments about President Barrack Obama….

President obama makes statement on iraq election(0)

President Barack Obama Makes Statement On Iraq Parliamentary Election – 03/07/10…

Cnn – barack obama – racist comments backstage (press conference)(0)

Barack obama making racist comments…

Central falls teachers(0)

President Obama comments on recent events at Central Falls High School…

Barack obama’s bipartisan health care summit (hd)(0)

In HD Barack Obama’s Health Care Summit. All rights reserved to CNN and The White house I do not own this video….

Andrea mitchell: don’t call david broder a liberal(0)

During an interview with Andrea Mitchell on President Obama’s health care reform plan, Sen. Judd Gregg says there’s no rush to pass it. “Step back, as David Broder said, a liberal columnist…” To which Mitchell replied: “I’m not sure that I accept the characterization of David Broder as a liberal columnist…” Gregg also says the [...]

Fmp – mark wells analyzes harry reid’s comments about barack obama(0)

Fmp – ron scott and david rambeau discuss harry reid’s comments about barack obama(0)