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Over 10 years: a block club’s victory(0)

This video traces the efforts of Betty Swanson and the 79th Street and Carpenter Block Club over 10 years, through interviews with neighborhood leaders. The long effort made the block a showpiece in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, which as a result is no longer Chicago’s Best-Kept Secret….


Senators collins and wyden discuss health care amendment(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon discuss their bipartisan health care reform amendment on MSNBC…

U-m ford memorial: a tribute(0)

Click the link below to see the rest of the video: Susan M. Collins, Mary Sue Coleman, Paul O’Neill, Martin J. Allen, Jr., William C. Martin, Uchenna Ukaegbu Alexander, Michael G. Ford, son of President Ford pay tribute to Gerald R. Ford. Septemember, 2007….


Republican susan collins backs away when confronted with facts over national security(0)

I bet Republican congress women Susan Collins wishes she never gave that embarrassing weekly GOP address on national security ? Not only did she cheery pick information but it was full of mis-information, hypocrisies and flat out lies as Rachel Maddow points out . One thing I think Rachel forgot to call Susan Collins on, [...]

Sen. susan collins breaks down obama’s failures with underpants bomber(0)

Sen. Susan Collins Breaks Down Obama’s Failures With Underpants Bomber…

We need to “act” as if we are at war with al qaeda” senator susan collins pt.1(0) February 03, 2010 MSNBC…

We need to “act” as if we are at war with al qaeda” senator susan collins pt.2(0) February 03, 2010 MSNBC…

Senator collins discusses restoring fiscal balance(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine discusses restoring the nation’s fiscal balance at a hearing of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and speaks with witness David Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States…