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Wake Up…. Corruption of Oil and Big Banks(0)

Please download and re-upload this video to your channel. You can use to download. http – Know your rights Originally uploaded by AlienScientist Gulf Mexico Florida north atlantic drift oil spill obama bush president cover up birds environment disaster Exxon valdez drill baby Sarah pailin drilling sea offshore off shore coast wildlife florida mexico BP [...]

China to build 30 offshore patrol boats(0)

China plans to build 30 vessels for marine law enforcement in the next five years, according to official reports. “China’s fleet does not meet the standard of one vessel per 1000 square-kilometres and there is a huge gap compared to other developed countries,” said Li Lixin, director of South China Sea Branch of State Oceanic [...]

SHOCKING NEW FOOTAGE of Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast(0)

SHOCKING NEW FOOTAGE of Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast. Or was it a NASA Space Shuttle? Real link here TAGS: ALERT Mystery Missile Launch Seen off California Coast chemtrails contrails Military Pacific Ocean KCBS Los Angeles Vandenberg Air Force Base NASA News Pentagon US Navy Robert Ellsworth revealed uncovered solved UFO ufo LA [...]

A New World Order(0)

In Response To – Barack Obama: We Must Embrace Globalism And The Emerging One World Economy By TheShowmebby Police Lift Lockdown On Florida Schools Listen To Live Police / Fire Scanners Online Students Protest In London Missile Launch Off California Coast

Mysterious missile lights up the sky over the Pacific. 11/09/2010(0)

Pacific Ocean (CBS8)- A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught on video Monday evening by a KCBS news helicopter. The spectacular contrail could easily be seen up in Los Angeles, but who launched this missile and why, remain a mystery for now. The magnificent images were captured from the KCBS chopper [...]

Barack Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Coast Province General Hospital(1)

Janet Napolitano visits US Coast Guard Academy(0)

Janet Napolitano, US Secretary of Homeland Security visits US Coast Guard Academy with Joseph Lieberman, US Senator, Independent-Conn. on Wednesday, October 20, 2010….

Obama’s Radicals Bombing Oil Execs? :: Gulf Coast – Send Your Tips To

Why is Obama ORDERING the Gulf coast oil shutdown? Why are oil executives being threatened and bombed? Why is the Obama Administration hiring foreign nation to drill for oil for more expensive and more dangerous conditions than the supposed Gulf area? Why is the self-admitted “thrill up the leg” Media NOT reporting all this EXPLOSIVE [...]