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Richard Burr TV Ad: “Front Porch”(0)

They’re back, rocking chairs and all! But this time they’re getting it right. Since 2008, the Democrats’ failed tax-and-spend policies have rapidly increased the debt burden on North Carolinians. We need to stop the politicians from bankrupting our country. Richard Burr is the only candidate that is fighting wasteful government spending and working for our [...]

News Update: North Carolina Braces for Hurricane Earl(0)

Hurricane Earl is targeting the east coast, specifically North Carolina, reports Thursday, as the category 4 storm has become more powerful since Wednesday night. North Carolina and Virginia declared states of emergency and President Obama signed a declaration allowing for federal aid to supplement the states’ local and state aid, Wednesday night. State officials [...]

Richard Burr Web Video: “The Marshall Tales”(0)

In reality, it is Secretary Marshall who is living in a “fairy tale” from her ivory tower in Raleigh. Secretary Marshall has repeatedly endorsed the failed economic policies of this Administration and its allies. Secretary Marshall has stated that we need to spend more in order to grow our way out of this economic crisis. [...]

WorkingForNC: Alex Gonzales(0)

Alex Gonzales discusses why she supports Richard Burr. Richard believes that job creation and fixing our economy should be the number one priority of Congress. We should be supporting efforts by small businesses to jump start our nation’s economic engine, not giving them additional challenges to overcome. Richard spent 17 years in the business world [...]

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan’s Cluelessness(1)

Miss Kay Hagan is doing a poor job of defending the “merits” of ObamaCare to a mother who has sick children and now has her and her husbands benefits cut down or completely out in order to comply with ObamaCare….

NC US Senator ingnores abortion facts(1)

NC US Sen.Kay Hagan ignores Matt Curran, Jacob Thomas, Sarah Greco and Rebecca Lewis Teens from TSFL as well as SFLA, on abortion issue and concerns She claims there are no federal funding of abortion outside the US This was taken place 8/18/10 Kernersville, NC Forsyth County ( Just outside of Winston-Salem, NC )…

WWFH-Raleigh-Part 1(0)

Part One of We Work for Health North Carolina event at GlaxoSmithKline. Speakers include: Sam Taylor, Erskine Bowles and Richard Burr as they discuss healthcare and the future of the life sciences industry in North Carolina…

Richard Burr is WorkingForNC: Captain John Turner(0) Captain John Turner explains the issues Richard Burr is working on on behalf of North Carolina’s Veteran’s community….