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Kezman & Chaps are back with some of this weeks news. Including Wagner leaving the X-Factor eventually, The Big Freeze hitting the UK and Barrack Obama injuring himself whilst playing a friendly game of basketball, not dying…Chaps! We’ve also included this weeks QOTW: What annoys you? Let us know with your comments down below! Stalk [...]

Obama: India Deserves Permanent Seat on UN Security Council(0)

In a speech to the Indian parliament during his 10-day Asian trip, President Barack Obama declared that he looks forward to helping India secure a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. Click here to watch the full speech: Read the full story here: Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter…

Sec. Clinton Meets With British Sec. of State for N. Ireland Paterson(0)

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson at the US Department of State in Washington, DC, October 19, 2010. [Go to for more video and text transcript.]…

Kandahar (With a Short Fuse)(0)

Lyrics by Saad Kandahar – heartland of the Taliban Bloodiest fighting since the war began Allied forces wrestlin’ with urban warlords Takin’ on insurgents in booby-trapped orchards As goes Kandahar so goes Afghanistan Is bein’ said by every military man Victory don’t hinge on what happens on the ground US politics could make it all [...]

Barack Obama and This Congress Are SOOO Dumb!!!(1)

I think this explains it pretty well……………

Clinton Karzai reaffirms 2014 US Britain Pullout goal for Afghan-led security(0)

VIDEO COURTESY NATO-TV press conference with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the current operations in Afghanistan. Clinton Karzai reaffirms 2014 US Britain Pullout goal for Afghan-led security…

TXmediasuite: When David met Barack(0)

British PM David Cameron is holding talks with US President Barack Obama in Washington. Here’s an extract from their meeting… If you would like a one week FREE trial of TXmediasuite show prep before you subscribe you can do so by visiting

Savage: Dwight Schultz Fills in for Michael Savage July 14, 2010 (Fifth Segment)(0)

“Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are” – President Obama. But he didn’t think anyone was listening. He associated with Jeremiah Wright; and based on his words just cited, what does that say regarding him? You be the judge….