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Joe biden, israel & rachel corrie; soetoro= failure, bp, goldman sachs, economy, bribery(0)

The Stench of Truth (328).mp4 Joe Biden says what’s the big deal about this Israel murder thing! But he demands that Israel investigate itself, so there. Biden is a joke. Israel may have a fresh chance to victimize Rachel Corrie, at least by proxy since they murdered her, because of the ship bearing her [...]

Roachenator: unpresidential obama uses staged expletive to try and appear tough on oil spill(0)

Nice role model example for Malia and Sasha..and other kids in the USA check out obama’s gay reaction to rough men LOL Reuters supports Hamas – manipulates pictures AGAIN President Bush’s harshest critics often described his look during moments of crisis as “deer in the headlights.” After two years of Hope and Change, [...]

Cap collecting more and more oil, coast guard says(0)

President Obama is not happy with oil spill progress….

Obama kicking some ass(0)

The President is kicking someone’s ass – June 07, 2010 – The president serves up an unusually harsh quote as political heat intensifies. Is President Obama bowing to criticism that he hasn’t shown enough emotion and outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? In an interview with the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer on Tuesday [...]

President obama explains to matt lauer that bp ass-kicking’s on its way(0)

“… I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.” — President Barack Obama More ass-kicking, less ass-kick-talking-about at


Obama sought to know ‘whose ass to kick’ on oil spill(0)

hey Barack, take all those secret service people away and let’s see how tough you talk then, you moronic puppet………

Midnight trader commodities report: june 8th, 2010(0)

Pre-Market: Oil Falls as European Equities Decline on Economy Worries, Gold Hits Record High as Safe Haven 8:04 AM, Jun 8, 2010 — Oil is falling in early morning trade as European equities slump and the euro continued to slide. Concerns about the spillover effect of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, coupled with worries about the [...]

Barack obama – “so i know whose ass to kick”(0)

Day 50! Barack Obama is saying that he is talking with Gulf experts so he will know ‘whose ass to kick.’ At the same time, he tells a school in Kalamazoo, Michigan to take responsability for their actions, because it’s easy to blame others….