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Pelosi: no health care ’scam’ deal this year(0)

the central Democratic themes for the coming year and that public support for health care reform will rebound once a bill has been sent to President Barrack Obama. Don’t count on it Nancy! First her claim of “deficit reduction” is an (out right lie). It had already predicted a week ago that the Federal gov. [...]

U.s. urges afghan forces(0)

As President Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has urged President Karzai’s military to take greater initiative. Terry McCarthy reports from Kabul. … cbsepisode cbsroadahead cbsafghanistan Afghanistan US Kabul War Terror Bomb Karzai President Obama Troops McChrystal Bin Laden…


Obama change(0)

obama bush israel america united states of america war third world iran atomic bomb zionism aipac change lair new world order beppe grillo travaglio bugie barack terrorism iraq afghanistan lobby race people slaves nigger black white mccain jews jewish new york italia di oggi berlusconi gay parade droga grande fratello violenza ignoranza orwell musulmani islam [...]

Bombing kills 19 in somali capital(0)

constant bombings and firefights the students had endured as they studied. afghanistan troops Sex Life Hussein Barack Obama pillars of Islam Obama’s grannie Sarah Christian … Shamo Hotel government ministers Mogadishu alshabab suicide bomb Bombing Somali capital Muslim afghanistan Sex Life Hussein Barack Obama pillars of Islam Obama’s Christian Mecca Hajj Allah holy pilgrimage Saudi [...]

Liberals vow to go after obama – afghanistan!(0)

Welcome America & The World – I am Obama-Stein. Liberals Vow To Go After Obama For Sending Troops to Afghanistan President Obama is days away from announcing a new Afghan strategy, but his immediate battle could come from liberals within his own party who are vowing to “spank” the president for committing tens of thousands [...]

Barack obama impression(0)

Barack Obama Impression…