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Pr. obama pm summit (18) on 1 health care(0)

Nigl Farage says EU president Herman van Rompuy has the charisma of a damp rag and the apparance of a low-grade bnk clerk.This is the transcript of the sp……

Pr. obama 7 pm summit (18) on health care(0)

“It’s good talking point, but it doesn’t actually answer the underlying question” In a discussion of insurance markt rforms, President Obama asks Republi……

Pr. obama pm summit (18) 3 on health care(0)

President Obama sgnd the renewal of the Patriot Act — an omnibus security bill passed in the wake of 9/11 that civil libertarians argue amounts to a mjor……

Pr. obama pm summit (18) on 3 health care(0)

Why President Obama argues this plan will help smll businesses, and othr nws…

Summit on health care at blair house– what follows president obama?(0)

Joint Summit at Blair House on Healthcare reform. Is that historic legislation likely to pass? Will “Reconciliation” be the way to go? http: http:/…

Blair house summit: chuck grassley tells obama what he can do with his health care reform(0)

Chuck Grassley, claiming to be tapped into the grassroots, says people aren’t going to stand for hospitals being closed and Congress won’t have the stones to make these cuts so why pretend like they will….

Entire 6 hour president obama health reform blair house(0)

Entire 6 Hour President Obama Health Reform Blair House Meeting Part 5. Next step reconciliation. President Obama and Congressional leaders from both parties discuss how to expand health care coverage to Americans who currently lack it.. Held at the Blair House in Washington, DC…


The interrupter: president obama at the health care summit(0)

President Obama interrupts Republicans during Health Care Summit….