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44th president of the United States

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Assessing the obama administration(0)

In the first of a series of assessments of the Obama administration after a year in office, Darrell West, vice president of Governance Studies at Brookings, gives President Obama a B+ for his leadership of Congress and the country….

Obama pledges security reform(0)

Admitting failure on the part of the intelligence community, President Obama said there will be changes after the Christmas Day bombing fiasco. Chip Reid reports and Bob Schieffer provides analysis….

President obama speaks to the press after security meeting(0)

The President speaks to the press after meeting with members of his Cabinet and other top officials about the investigation into the recent attempted terrorist attack. January 5, 2009…

Justin bieber singing some day at christmas(0)

in Washington for President Obama. … “justin Bieber” President “Barack Obama” “same girl” ingrid793 justin britney “one less lonely girl” “favourite girl” “one time”…

Heil obama(0)

Barack Hussein Obama zeigt den Hitlergruß….

Benstilller – everbody’s free at last(0)

Xavier Naidoo – Alles kann besser werden Barack Obama – Yes we can Martin Luther King – I have a dream Matisyahu – One Day Blink 182 – All the small things Michael Jackson – Heal the world Rozalla – Everybody’s free Bob Marley – Exodus mashup by BenStilller … mashup BenStilller Barack Obama Martin [...]

Obama sculpture featured on houston’s abc 13(0)

Orchard Strategies helped to publicize renowned sculptor David Adickes’ 18 foot Barack Obama sculpture that is to be included in the Presidential Park and Gardens in Houston, Texas….

Dick cheney vs barack obama vs jack bauer – terrorism(0)

(\__/) (=’.’=) _ Jack Bauer rules! (“)_(“)…