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Funny video azizi hasbehaal as chaudhry shujaat dicussing hillary clinton(0)

Funny video Azizi hasbehaal as Chaudhry Shujaat dicussing Hillary Clinton. For other politically funny and comedy videos, visit…

Hillary clinton quote – ” womens rights are human rights ” love hillary 4 women’s rights(0)

Jim bunning defiant as unemployment aid, highway fund languish – abc news.wmv(0)

Josh as president obama(0)

Josh chose to be President Obama at the earths Academy first grade America the Beautiful show…

Facebook your videos ashish thomas is declared as the new barack obama !!! hq(0)

Celine dion “honored ” that hillary clinton picked her song as the campaign theme song(0)

Flash newsflash 02-07-10(0)

In case the guy you work with didn’t realise it was your birthday, here’s what you missed this week. Defense Secretary Gates took the first step to repealing don’t ask don’t tell and announced plans to let Gay’s in the military. President Obama unveiled his record budget, including ending Nasa’s moon landing program and blasted [...]

Obama the least qualified politician gets elected as president(0)