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The president obama holds an open discussion with republicans jan_ 29_ 2010 part 4.mp4(0)

Is obama – an illegal president the truth about his citizenship you must see this(0)


Tea party 1st birthday – seattle 2-27-2010(0)

Russian immigrant explains how progressive movement and socialism devour Liberty step by step. Obama explains how his devout “Yes Man” worshipers in Congress sneaked provisions into both bills that would – surprise, surprise – PROHIBIT patients from keeping their doctor and/or plan. In the summer of 2009, opponents to Obamacare pointed out Obamas deceptive promises. [...]

Barack obama is an american idiot(0)

Mr. Teleprompter visited an elementary school and brought along his teleprompters and podium. For that he is an American Idiot sung by Green Day. Der Mann ist eine reine Lüge und eine Marionette des Money Trust´s. Wenn Go(l)dman Sachs den Stecker zieht, dann bleibt ein brauner Haufen vor dem Teleprompter liegen….


President obama black colleges and universitiespresident obama black colleges and universities(0)

Strengthening Americas Historically Black Colleges and Universities President Obama signs an executive order to strengthen the capacity of and increase access to Federal funding for the Nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities….

Mr obama please contact census bureau realtor delivering pizza but got 95 test score!(0)

Mr Obama Please Contact Census Bureau Realtor Delivering Pizza but got 95 Test Score! Mr Obama Please get me a Job at Census Bureau so Realtor does not have to Deliver Pizza for 7 an hour Please Mr President Help Me a Legal Immigrant!!! STOP the NWO! STOP the WAR! STOP the HATE! PEACE and [...]

Hillary clinton quote – ” why we are all really here ” – love the legendary hillary(0)


Hillary clinton – is happy about an outpost of cfr in washington d.c. (near state department)(0)