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Tsa’s 8 year old terrorist?(0)

by a government incapable of protecting its citizens. Then Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano said the system worked, (in reference to the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day) It sure did, it worked for the Christmas Day terrorist. Thank God the passengers were not DHS employees. Mikey Hicks DHS TSA airport security Transportation [...]

Underwear bomber & janet ‘pea brain’ napolitano(0)

Janet ‘pea brain’ Napolitano. Obama’s chicken coming home to roost. 72 very disappointed virgins….

Obama: security failures not blame of one person(0)

US President Barack Obama says the United States will take steps to ensure the intelligence and security failures that led to the Christmas Day attempted attack on a Detroit-bound airliner do not happen again. VOA’s Paula Wolfson reports the president says ultimately, responsibility for the nation’s security rests with him….


President obama defines how a courageous country behaves in age of terrorism(0)

In President Obama’s January 7, 2010 speech he pushes back forcefully on those who would have us cower in fear and abandon our principles in the face of terrorists….

Obama: “yo soy el responsable”(0)

Luego del fallido atentado del avión que cubría la ruta Amsterdam – Detroit, Barack Obama, fue muy autocrítico en una conferencia de prensa, donde se presentaron los primeros resultados de la investigación….

Obama está rifando un ataque(0)

Barack Obama ha hablado del atentado fallido del vuelo DA253 Amsterdam-Detroit, y dadas las circunstancias, el tono no ha sido precisamente conciliador y buenrollista. La prensa estadounidense, de hecho, ya lee entre líneas que la Casa Blanca prepara una incursioncilla a Yemen, país donde se adiestró el terrorista frustrado….


Constitutional rights for terrorist(0)

disorder FDR Yemen German saboteurs John Andre President Obama Homeland Security DHS Democratic Party DNC … Northwest Airline flight 253 GITMO Guantanamo Bay Cuba Christmas Day terrorist terrorism Delta Amsterdam Netherlands Nigeria Nigerian Al Qaeda Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab alumni Arabian Peninsula Thomson Correctional Center Illinois propagandabuster propaganda buster Democrats liberalism is mental disorder FDR [...]

Christmas day northwest airlines plane bomb janet napolitano says we are safe(0)

Christmas Day 2009 a terrorist boarded a Northwest Airlines Flight 253 plane heading for Detroit and ignited a bomb that by some miracle failed to explode. The secretary of homeland security Janet Napolitano said we are safe then quickly had to retract that statement………. kinda…….. Turns out this terrorist had been tracked by the CIA [...]