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Robert Gates says US exit from Afghanistan on course(0)

US official affirms troops will be leaving Afghanistan as planned. In an interview with the US newspaper Los Angeles Times, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced that the training of Afghanistan’s army and police personnel was proceeding ahead of schedule, leading US officials to believe that the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan government could [...]



The Aurora or Flying Triangle IFO(0)

This is a IFO Identified flying object code named the Aurora TAGS: acebryan7oxx ufo panama aurora news NWO EDF JFK War 911 William Cooper Rebel freedom Wow warcraft secret life UFO Alien Pleiadian obama Ron Paul God WW3 sex Aug 2010 end war palestine combat israel attacked nuclear latest iran breaking Death 9/11 America president [...]

The Alyona Show: In Case You Missed It-Full Show 8/23/10(0)

Protesters in New York came out fiery on both sides to protest the proposed Ground Zero mosque. Some call this a distraction from the real issues America is facing, but are they underestimating the hate and fear that are paralyzing the nation? Vice President Biden but failed to mention at a conference, any of the [...]

President Petraeus – Fascists’ Wettest Dream(0)

***ORIGINAL UPLOAD BY RTAmerica*** Permission to repost granted. August 16, 2010 General Petraeus has said he does not plan to run for President, but he is also making remarks that directly contradict Defense Secretary Gates and President Obama on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Is there a political motive at play? RT contributor Webster Tarpley [...]

Do You Believe Barack (Barry) Hussien Obama Is A Muslim? (The Guy From 97305)(0)

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quackes like a duck its Barack (Barry) Hussien Obama and its a duck!…

Barack Obama’s Preacher (Before Iran Is Bombed) :((0)

No description forthcoming….

Guantanamo Bay Still Not Closed; Tribunals Beginning Again(0)

The first Guantanamo trials under President Barack Obama have drawn sharp criticism after disputed evidence was allowed in one and a secret plea-deal was reached in another at a facility that the President vowed to close over 18 months ago. Civil rights groups are up in arms over the proceedings’ lack of transparency and justice [...]