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Josh as president obama(0)

Josh chose to be President Obama at the earths Academy first grade America the Beautiful show…

We are the world 25 for haiti 2010 lyrics on screen*(0)

Philip j. berg on alex jones tv 1/6: is obama the first “illegal alien” president? thu feb 25 2010(0)

Alex welcomes back to the show Philip J. Berg, a former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania who brought a RICO lawsuit charging president George W. Bush and 154 others with complicity in the 9/11 attacks, and another suit challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to become president. … (more info)…


We are the world 25 for haiti [w/ lyrics and artists](0)

25 juillet 2008: visite de barack obama au président nicolas sarkozy.(0)

Le 25 juillet 2008 est une des dates du Calendrier du Siècle.

Evan bayh(0)

either way, you know any song I send you means I want you. Let me know what your misinterpreted song was. I bet you were so wrong it’s awesome. Hope you’re all well and enjoying the week! x n…

Orrin hatch fox news health care 9-15-09(0)

U-m ford memorial: a tribute(0)

Click the link below to see the rest of the video: Susan M. Collins, Mary Sue Coleman, Paul O’Neill, Martin J. Allen, Jr., William C. Martin, Uchenna Ukaegbu Alexander, Michael G. Ford, son of President Ford pay tribute to Gerald R. Ford. Septemember, 2007….