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Jack van impe: is barack obama the anti-christ?

Jack Van Impe – Mar 09, 2010 – Part 2 of 2. Jack talks about the massive amount of national debt and how it can take down an empire, and about Oprah Winfrey being responsible for the “I Am” New Age movement. Jack then tells about the various people that have said Obama is our Savior……

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  1. I love Jesus.

    I will keep running for Jesus, Jesus,Jesus.
    Whats that name Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

    Keep on running for love.

    Thank you Jack and Rec….

  2. I enjoy watching your program. why you think obama is the antichrist thank you.

  3. Steve – Its called they live in fear, jack has changed as well as alot of TBN Preechers and other ministers – U never here pray for the president – what happend to the power of pray – what happen to walking in the word – NO they all decided to show there colors insted and show fear –

    if they all believe he was really the anti-christ – you will see tent meetings all over this country. they forget the bible sez – you will know them by the fruit they bare – what fruit do we see….. do we see the bible being taking away on every level – NO. Do you see “In god we trust” being mocked by the president – NO. I have not seen one thing that even hints at anything that sez anti-christ.

    Jack and the rest has all left the black people in the cold – its there gospel they think – lol

    Jesus died for everyone – even the over baring crazy muslims – why can’t the message be – look…. these are the people who the bible predicted – the bible was on the money. Let us teach the young men and women – how to make it. lets give instructions about to the end times. NO – they rather try to scare you to death like Jesus is so small he can’t take care of you – because the president is black.

    The true sad part is – they act like they know jesus better than YOU. Jesus said his sheep knows his voice – when death or danger is near, you know to pray – when something is not right your spirit is troubled – when your convicted from all internet porn you run across you quickly close it down – not to give the devil place. You run to the safety of gods place not to mock him with sin.

    I say “Jack stop” your killing the sheep – stop it!!!!!! after obama is gone when his season is up – you would have chased away all black beleivers.

    - the bible sez – woow to all the pastors that scatter my sheep. Let say obama is the anti christ – should’n the message be – how to work out your salvation with fear and trembling… I’m sure ramses the second was way way worse then obama – god had to show him a thing or 2 about his children.


  4. I would like to comment many things that I believe that will shed light upon this subject concerning Obama and the World Stage. But before I do I want to say that my motives for whats about to be revealed is not driven politically, I’m niether democrat nor republican. I’m what is called a swing voter. I vote whom i believe is best qualified for the elected position. I ve
    voted both on one ticket. Niether Is it racially motivated. I dont believe in racism. I believe that were all Created after the image and Likeness of God and his Only Son Jesus. and I am commanded to Love all as I Love The Lord and as such I dont see colors or races where all Humans. Therefore I Have no other agenda but the truth.

    The Bible says to get an understanding, to get wisdom, for a man will parish without it.
    If I might have your attention for a little while, this is not a quik fix for people that are always hurring going to and fro with out been patient and searching things out before the Lord and not to be hasty in speaking. I Neither voted for Mc Cain nor Obama as president, because In my understanding neither canididate had the qualifications needed to recover our country.

    This will take some time so please be patient with me, as I through the HolySpirit can shed some light on these matters in concerning Obama been the Anti Christ.

    If I may lay a foundation to this message. The Word Anti means someone who is against something or someone, or is opposed to some one or something thus the term of anti

    First isThe Anti Christ system (Personal)(666) The anti christ system is in its very essence is the worldy or carnal minset, it governs over the way a man thinks of Christianty, Christ, God. and also in himself as well. for example if someone says that they dont believe in God, or Jesus and speak against it saying that it was created to have control over another man’s life or such like is infact expressing an anti christ behavior. motivated through unbelief in God, or Jesus. Or the dont believe in the bible because it was written by man, which is partly right. The ten conmandment recieved by Moses was written by the finger of God upon Mount Sinai, then under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through the prophets, then was fulfilled by Jesus.
    So to say that you dont believe the bible which is the word of God Through devine revelation
    of his Spirit then written down so that we may have a record to follow, through the prophets
    then you are infact saying that you dont believe in God Or Jesus, John 1:1 (says) Inthe Beginning was the Word The word (Jesus) was with God, The Word Was God. John 1:2 The same (Jesus) was in the beginning with God. John 1: 14 (says) and the word was made flesh and dwelled among us(Jesus){ we beheld his glory as the only begotton of the Father(God) full of grace and truth. So in otherwords through confessing this you have taken upon yourself the works of the antichrist mindset and have set yourself away from the the very nature of God’ s grace and salvation therefore one is against God and Jesus thus you are in the right hand of fellowship with the antichrist system followers

    The Anti Christ Political System- this is a goverment system that is currently been set up. this will harold the coming to the son of perdition( The Devils Counterfiet Messiah which will be discussed later.) Is a system of control of the world,economically, sociablily, Morally, and also spiritually. this global system when it comes to full power will devistate freedom in the world, freedom to choose, speak, and even believe. essentually it will control ones entire way of life. and the way sociaty will behave. it will control Money through Bio EBT. A chip inserted into ones body, But in order to do such a thing the currencies of the world must be destroyed, so goverment expands and increasing debt and more loans through te world community are granted therefor a deficit is created, as such inflation occurs and the value of the currency drops because of the increasing debt. but this is now on a global scale. which then has a direct impact on sociaty. and through the economic control if your not a part of the system you wont be able to Buy,Sell Or trade see Rev 13:17,18. personally if you are not a part of that system you will suffer. but take heart Christ Suffered for us so we’ll be in good company. this health care policy that was signen into law is an example of this kind of control. Its a federal law that we have to have health care or we are in violation of federal law. which in any degree if you cant afford it and cant buy it your already a felon. Hmm! what wrong with that picture? Make no mistake its already happening.

    Now The Anti Christ Spirit. is a direct influence of the Devil, which the devil is against God,and our goverment or political system such as taking prayer out of schools, or how about special intrest groups that lobbied for homosexuality and rights, and other agendas that exulted itself against God, and Jesus we need to understand that God is perfect in every way and all he does is perfect, he doesn’t make mistakes. God didn’t create man to lay with another man as like a woman or vise versa. He created Man then Woman from man
    for his help meet this is how God Planned it and the way that its was intended to be. Sin creates mistakes, there is no Sin In God, or His Son. And it is that sinfull nature that caused the fall of man and its that very nature that produced the perverse mindset that makes on believe that they are homosexual. therefore it is a choice that one makes not an inborn behaviour which goes against the word of God, thereby is against the nature of God. so thereby is not of God and Jesus. and since it is against what the Bibe says it is Anti Christ.
    this also includes Islam because they dont believe in God Or Jesus, They believe in the babylonian god of the moon named allah
    Now for the one who the bible speaks about. The Son of Perdition. The following are the criteria that the Anti Christ will fulfill

    1) This Person will be a great speaker, speaking blasphemies, and will be strong and convencing Dan 7:20, 11:36 Rev 13:5,6,7
    2) He wil make war with the saints, he will be against christianity, and will be against Christ. Rev 12:17
    3) he will be a political figure, and a leader in the world scene. and will be the leader of all the world. Dan11:5, Rev 5:8, 13:7, 17;12,13
    4) he will be proclaimed as the Savour of the world ( To mock Jesus) Rev 6:2
    5) he shall confirm a covanant( agreement) with many Rev 9:27, Dan 9:27
    (This the peace 7 year peace agreement between israel,an palistine)
    6) will claim that he is the Prince of peace, and claim to be God/or Messiah. Mark 13:22,21,14 Matt,24:15 Dan 9:26,27
    7) he wil go fourth conquering and to conquer. Rev 6:2

    There are other things minor details that I would like for you to study for yourself. but these 7 attributes wil give you a clear understanding of what to look out for. Now if our president
    is the Antichrist. Line him up with what scripture says. and see for yourself.
    Now what really concerns me is if he does confirm the peace agreement between Palistine and Israel. within a year. because should he confirm this, Listen If He does then this is definate proof that he infact is the antichrist the son of perdition. satans counterfiet to Christ
    because the Anti Christ will be the only one that can do this. and understand this that Christ when he returns will come in clouds of great Glory, Matt16:27 Mark 13:26, 27, 1Thess 4:16,17 he will come back in the air not in a political office, but when he comes back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, when the Millennial reign starts he(Jesus) will set his(Jesus)Foot
    upon the mount of olives and split it. this can only be done by the real Jesus and only by him.
    And Know this if Obama is the son of perdition, then the world will follow him. and those who follow the Son of perdition and accept his mark will be damned. and furthermore when if he does broker this agreement of peace between Israell and palistine then he will sit in throned in the temple, when this happens then thats when those whom have accepted the real Christ
    and was cleansed by his(Jesus) blood through faith been forgiven of sin shall be caught up
    in the Air to be with the Lord. also know this that when the antichrist rises God will pour out his judgments upon the earth and against the anti christ. and those who follow him

    Listen it’s not God”s will to appoint you to the wrath to come, time is short. with each day passes the coming of the Lord draws closer. and when he does return it will be instantainiously and it will be too late. and it could Happen any time. Youve suffered enough
    on this rock called earth, why suffer an eternity. Come to Jesus Today, Now Dont wait

    Say this Prayer out loud with all sincerity of your heart.

    Lord Jesus Im a sinner, Have Mercy on me Lord, I believe in you and what you did on the cross
    you lived Died and was resurrected from the grave and paid the penilty for my sins. wash me and cleanse me in your Precious Blood Jesus, cleansing me from all sin making me aswhite as snow. save me O Lord from my sins, I mak you The Lord of my Life, and the saviour of my soul. In Jesus Name Amen!

    if you have said that prayer with all sincerity of your heart then you will counted in the number when the Lord calls us home. because youv’e been born again, find you a bible believing, holy ghost filled church and grow in relationship with other believers and with Jesus

  5. I believe Obama is against Israel and is a Muslim hiding under Surah 16.106. And I believe he is lying under 2:225 to the America People because I called his Church The Trinity and I found out how he “converted”
    All you have to do is go to 2 Church service , 2 sunday classes , walk the aisle and meet with the Rev who gives you a certificate. That is not how a Christian converts yet alone a “COMMITTED” Christian. Maybe Obama should be COMMITTED and REMOVED under 25th Amendment . OBAMA is delusional .

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