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I hate faggots!! should gay people have rights?!!

We want to know if you feel like gay people should have rights. This is one of our first debates on this issue. Please leave a comment, and press like also to show you support one belief or the other. i hate fags fag faggot faggots gay people trans have rights should barack obama give right to homosexuals homos homo hospital crazy nasty dick sucking porn redtube hot sex pearl vagina gays…

6 Responses to “I hate faggots!! should gay people have rights?!!”

  1. NO! I HATE FAGGOTS! I’m sick of seeing this bullshit all over the internet. Gays should have no special rights! No support what so ever! I HATE FAGGOTS! There is no reason to call something “gay rights”. What’s next? Pedophile rights, beastiality rights, BDSM rights, crackhead rights? This is fuckin sick! And marriage is one man one woman. Next thing you know, this country will let 3, 4, or 10 people enter into a marrige. NO!

  2. I agree. Gay people should have FULL rights!! Including marriage rights. It wasn’t right for racists to make black people sit on backs of buses, and it’s not right for homophobes to make gays second-class citizens. Everybody needs to love each other and respect each other, live and let live. Haters are the problem, not any minority.

  3. NO! Of course not. Marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman, not all these sick fucks that enjoy blowing out each others’ manholes. They don’t deserve ANY special rights at all. I’m sick of all this bullshit. I wish they would all just die.

  4. I totally agree. Racism against blacks, Muslims, women, jews, gays and anyone who’s different is exactly why we need the US Constitution. Equal rights for all is the law of the land.

  5. No, faggots should have no special rights. Where a person puts their dick should not entitle them to have a right that some one else doesn’t have because they decide to put their dick where God intended it. Are people freakin retarded that extend rights to someone because of a deviant sexual behavior that is sick and unnatural? I wish they would just all disappear off the face of the earth. I am sick and tired of all their noise to promote their sick behavior onto others, and especially children. Once they are given rights to go be in the military openly then all fags are going to flock there, because there is plenty of dick for them. It is a fag paradise then. And once they are out of the military they will get all the government jobs because exmilitary gets preferential treatment when hiring for government jobs. So pretty soon it will be the fags running the entire country. Are people really sleeping? Please wake the hell up and realize what this is leading to.

  6. No they should have no rights and that includes the right to walk the streets. They should all be locked up. It’s sad that in today’s ultra left wing world we are told that everyone even perverts have rights. Well what about the rest of us who are normal? It’s sick to see two guys holding hands in public. As for fagots in the army can you imagine soldiers with handbags?

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