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44th president of the United States

(Dr Clemmie Palmer) presents President Barack Obama@White House

(Dr Clemmie Palmer) presents President Barack Obama@White House http Dr Clemmie Palmer wants to share with you these beautiful pictures of President Barack Obama. Pictures were taken by Pete Souza Clemmie Palmer III, MD – Psychiatrist in Montgomery, AL 36116 Clemmie Palmer III, MD is a Psychiatrist at 3090 Woodley Rd Ste A Montgomery, AL. provides reviews, contact information, driving directions and … Show map of 3090 Woodley Road, Montgomery, AL 36116-3190 (Dr Clemmie Palmer MD) Psychiatrist Clemmie Palmer MD Montgomery Jul 26, 2010 … (Dr Clemmie Palmer MD) P…

2 Responses to “(Dr Clemmie Palmer) presents President Barack Obama@White House”

  1. What do you mean “Dr. Clemmie Palmer Presents” ….how is he ‘presenting’ this? Did he take the photos? I think not. Posting these videos is an OBVIOUS attempt by Dr.Palmer to try to garner some sort of sympathy when KARMA comes calling…along with all the OBVIOUSLY FAKE and SOLICITED online reviews. These pathetic online attempts won’t help you. Go ahead and delete this comment, like you’ve had all the other TRUTHFUL posts deleted. Looks like your bribing abilities ain’t what they used to be. Poor Clemmie Lee…LOL

  2. You know what Annoyed, this video it’s just an attempt to show those beautiful pictures to the general public. You have all the right of not liking them, as you may be republican. It doesn’t take ant thing from them, but the opposite, shows your envy to the president. I’m not democrat and I voted for the republicans. I found the pictures amazing; the art is great, and they deserve to be communicated to others.

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