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44th president of the United States

Do NOT Reelect Barack Obama!

As voters we all really need to build a coalition so that this man is never reelected again. Barack Obama struck down George Bushs bill to send us back to you Moon. On the Moon is a resource called Helium 3, Helium 3 is the future of our world and it is worth BILLIONS! One pound of Helium 3 can power Earth for 10000 years! I would advise everyone to stay up on Helium 3 I plan to invest in it and reap the benefits and you should as well! Unfortunately Obama is stopping ME & YOU from doing this and now China has plans to go to the Moon and bring the Helium 3 back to Earth for their benefit. As a…

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  1. eduisimportant says:

    all of a sudden the roof on your family’s house is caving…will you go out and buy/invest money in wind turbines or gold or helium 3?… i hope not.. an intelligent person will always take care of home first…. we are in a financial/economic crises, some things have to be put on hold so you can stabilize your house

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