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Dietary supplement safety act – mccain’s town hall

A bill recently introduced to the Senate by Senators John mccain and Byron Dorgan poses possibly the greatest threat to natural health freedom we’ve ever seen! If you use dietary supplements you need to see this!…

5 Responses to “Dietary supplement safety act – mccain’s town hall”

  1. he has know ideal what he is talking about. Is is Vitamins or Steroids, beacuse Vitamins wont hurt you. He needs to do more research on the topi of his bill

  2. McCain has finally lost his mind!!!!!! How are vitamins/herbs steroids? last i checked when i took my fish oils i didn’t notice my test and GH increase. This proposal shows McCain is out of touch with reality and I truly hope he is NOT re-elected!!!! The senate needs change and it starts with him not winning another term in office.

  3. He really needs to research the words “vitamins” and “steroids”! Not only that but he needs to fire the individual that wrote his speech because the question was about regulating vitamins and not the price of rice in China?! By the way, I thought he was dead? Pardon the mix up.

  4. I played high school athletic, collegiate athletic, and now I do mixed martial arts professionally. Dietary supplements such as whey protein, a multiple vitamin, and ect are a must have to compete on the highest level. They are natural and don’t in anyway hurt anyone. In fact it makes things safer. They aid in things such as recover and immune system that are important for keeping you in the game. Fish oil are great for your joints. What John Mccain needs to do is research. Steroids and natural supplements are on two totally different spectrums. If he did some research companies like GNC already test there products to ensure everything the label says is in there and for the safety of the consumer. If anything at all John Mccane needs to put stricter regulations on steroids.

  5. Another politician out of touch with the real world.

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