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Idolos 2009 reveillon – casting secreto – a família obama (barrack obama)(0)

Casting Secreto – A Família Obama (Barrack Obama)…

American schoolchildren-readyforchange(0)

? Thank you, Paula Flowe, Exec. Director Tony Brian, Asst. Exec. Director T The Hitting Stops Here! A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere. … obama jesse jackson julian bond mirial edelman right al sharpton newt gingrich mike bloomberg arne duncan child molestation paddling school corporal punishment institutionalized racism slavery sexual [...]

12/30/09 more janet napolitano blunders(0)

Also see I’mtired of people that condemn Fox because they feel that the media should have 100% bias to the left like Venezuela. They must think they’re Hugo Chavez. That’s typical liberal reverse logic, not knowing the facts, listening to nothing but liberal bias their entire lives and demonizing everyone that disagrees. Yeah, programmed [...]

Hillary clinton y los adventistas. subtitulos(0)

Comentario de Hillary Clinton mientras era senadora…

Happy new year 2010 team celine dion & team hillary clinton(0)


Encore – hillary clinton ends 2009 as america’s favorite & bill clinton as 2010 ’s most transparent(0)

Re: hillary clinton: “no way, no how, no mccain”(0)

Envoi direct depuis le caméscope…

Was it the will of god for obama to be president part 2(0)

Bishop Robert E Smith Sr, founder and Sr Pastor of Word of Outreach Christian Center in Little Rock, AR, continues his teaching from 1 Samuel 12 and Psalm 78:17-19,30-32 in responce to the question “Was it the will of God for Barack Obama to be the President?”. Many lives are on the line due to [...]