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NH libertarians aim to derail Fed annointee(0)

Sponsor: Abramson.Albert at gmail period com – A couple notes and thoughts regarding this new PAC. Traditionally, Free Staters seem to have regarded New Hampshire’s Federal races as beyond their ability to influence. This PAC seems to be the first significant break from that approach I know other than the Paul campaign. Other NH liberty [...]

Michael Bennet Talks Student Loans at Metro State(0)

Michael Bennet visited Metro State to talk about student loans. Learn more:…

《プーコのハワイサイト》Duke’s Oceanfest レイドレーピング2010(0)


Arne Duncan-Clinton School(0)

Arne Duncan-Clinton School…

Rod Sherman: On Arne Duncan’s visit to NYSUT(0)

Rod Sherman, president Plattsburg Teachers Association, speaks on the importance of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan choosing to come to NYSUT…

Dawn Sherwood: Significance of Arne Duncan coming to NYSUT(0)

Dawn Sherwood, Social Studies Teacher, shares why she feels Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s visit to NYSUT shows the significance of unions in developing and promoting professional teaching….

Robert Gibbs On Fox and Friensds 8/31/2010(0)

Robert Gibbs On Fox and Friensds 8/31/2010…

Robert Gibbs Previews Obama Address Video FoxNews com(0)