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Politicians Linin’ Up for Robert C. Byrd’s Senate seat(0)

That Coal Time Religion words and music T. Paige They’re haulin’ West Virginia down the line, down the line Haulin’ West Virginia down the line, down the line One mountain at a time 100 coal cars in a line They’re haulin’ W.Va. Down the line, down the line. Well, look at those politicians linin’ up, [...]

Chelsea clinton’s Wedding Eve-Hillary Clintons on the Eve-Raw Video(0)

Hillary On Daughter Chelsea’s Wedding in the upstate New York village where her daughter is getting married, drawing crowds of onlookers Friday afternoon as preparations continued largely out of sight for the grand and secretive occasion. The former president, looking fit and relaxed in blue jeans and a black knit shirt, walked with security a [...]

Hillary Clinton Goes Glam for Daughter Chelsea’s(0) click this link for full videos watch hollywood movies at;…

Democrats complain about the rich while being rich(0)

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry recently had a seven million dollar yacht built for him in New Zealand (what happened, thought Democrats were concerned about American jobs and blamed Republicans for jobs going overseas?). Senator then docks the vessel in Rhode Island to avoid paying over $400000 in taxes on the yacht to Massachusetts. [...]

Robert Gibbs on Fox and Friends – 07-30-10 – Immigration, Economy and auto business(0)

Robert Gibbs to be a regular guest on Fox & Friends on Fridays? Has FNC gone to the “dark side” (I’m referring to Star Wars, not race), or are they just trying to be fair and balanced?…

Taliban takes some bases from Nato(0)

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Obama On The View Full VIDEO(0)

Click on – FREE to watch Obama On The View Full VIDEO , Joy Behar asked the president whether Mel Gibson needs anger management, and he stammered through a non-answer. “I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in a while,” he said. “But the tapes!” Joy exclaimed. “I haven’t seen them,” Obama replied, seemingly [...]

T-Pain’s President Obama Auto-Tune(0)

Snippet From Jimmy Kimmel Live -…