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Hillary Clinton testifies in House 2/25/10…


Hillary Clinton testifies…

2/3/2010 – secretary lahood comments on kilpatrick’s leadership on transportation in michigan(0)

During a hearing regarding the FY 2011 budget request, US Transportation Secretary Ray lahood comments on the time he spent in Detroit with Congresswoman Kilpatrick, who hosted a meeting during which Michigan government officials and business leaders discussed transportation initiatives and issues important to the economic growth of the 13th Congressional District and the state….


2/3/2010 – congresswoman kilpatrick joins geithner in announcing cdfi/tarp program(0)

Congresswoman Kilpatrick joined US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in announcing the Community Development Capital Initiative, a new TARP program that will invest lower-cost capital in Community Development Financial Institutions (cdfis) that lend to small businesses in the country’s hardest-hit communities….


Obama “i am the president”(0)

Barack Obama and John mccain continue to argue over healthcare at the White House following the bi-partisan summit debate. Obama to mccain: We’re Not Campaigning Anymore, the Election is Over. Then they dance….

Mystery health care theater 3000(0)

Join Mike Church, host of the Mike Church Show as he takes on aa classic role in a modern light. President Obama held the Health Care Summit and Mike Church held a live MYSTERY HEALTH CARE THEATER 3000. What you see may or may not shock you, but what you hear, will certainly provide for [...]

Jfk autopsy photos plus(0)

JFK autopsy photos plus Tags: JFK, President John F Kennedy, assassination, 11/22/63, Vince Palamara, Secret Service, Oswald, Ruby, CIA, FBI, Mafia, conspiracy, Tampa, 11/18/63, 1963, 1962, 1961, 1960, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama…

Ukip nigel farage insults eu president in parliament full clip uncut – funny video!(0)

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage Exposes The European President Herman Van Rompuy And Openly Insults Him In The European Parliament To His Face By Asking Him Who He Is When Nobody In Europe Has Heard Of Him Yet He Is Paid More Then Obama. He Says He Has the Charisma of a Damp Rag and the [...]