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Short film about the historical roots of Scottish insularity and nationalism. Conceived as a contemporary cinematic response to the Robert Burns’ ballad “Caledonia” and inspired by the filmic stylings of Ingmar Bergman and Derek Jarman. Written, Produced and Directed by Alexandre Casey. Starring Liz Freeman. Narrated by Rab Forbes. Filmed on location at Dunnotar Castle, [...]

Jesse james robert ford story behind the lines (casey affleck/brad pitt)(0)

just impression. watch till the end….

Jackass teaser trailer!(0)

Rico and Casey Are Back, With their new partners in crime, Gary and Robert. Keep in mind this is a little trailer for a long and epic video, which should be about 20-30 minutes in length! Also more explosions, Car battles, silly string, and of course everyones favorite! INTERCOM PRANKS! musical credits to the following [...]

Steele justice(1987)(0)

The Trailer For A Cheesy Bite Of 80’s Action Called Steele Justice Starring Martin Kove, Sela Ward, Ronny Cox, Bernie Casey, Joseph Campanella, Soon-Tek Oh, And Jan Gan Boyd. Directed By Robert Boris….

Gun shot victim may have been a cash cow.(0)

This email may or may not be what it seems to be. Gun violence is rampant in the black community. So much so, that black males stand a better chance surviving in Iraq and Afghanistan while being paid to serve our country. Some people say that the military is exploiting these young lads. I say [...]

Sen. mary landrieu (la)(0)


Jeanine pirro on meredith kercher and amanda knox(0)

The Meredith Kercher case in Perugia Italy. Former Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro explains the strong case and the fair guilty verdict for Amanda Knox….

Cantwell / mccain to reinstate glass / steagall(0)

From Reuters ( With Congress already debating a sweeping overhaul of financial regulation, perhaps the most enduring regulatory stricture of the Depression era is again getting an airing in Washington. The venerable Glass-Steagall laws that barred large banks from affiliating with securities firms and engaging in the insurance business were repealed in 1999. Now, as [...]