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Senator collins on fox report(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine appears on The Fox Report, discussing the President’s use of ‘czars’…

Senator collins on speculators(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine speaks about excessive wheat speculation, during a Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing….

Channel 3 action news 7/24/09(0)

Channel 3 Action News 7/24/09 US Iran conflict Iraq military Ukraine NATO joining VP Joe Biden comments Russia doesn’t support judge sonia sotomayor confirmation hearing senator susan collins olympia snow obama cabinet 100 million cuts no report walter cronkite died united airline fee delay debate on healthcare reform itunes top 5 jordin sparks demi lovato [...]

The part-time annuitants act of 2009(0)

The US Senate has approved bipartisan legislation, authored by Senator Susan Collins, Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, that is designed to enhance the federal governments ability to respond to the potential loss of the nearly 1.8 million federal employees who are eligible for retirement in the next decade….


Senator collins at postal service hearing(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine speaks about the state of the US Postal Service at a hearing on August 6, 2009…

Use nh3 instead of gasoline in your car! ( liquid ammonia & wind turbines in maine )(0)

recorded on August 22nd 2009 jim puplava financial sense Matt Matthew R. Simmons michael jackson the state of Maine ME sustainability renewable energy oxymoron offshore giant large wide wind turbine farm ocean energy nuclear plant electrolysis liquid ammonia NH3 golf bed deep water United States Senator Susan M. Collins Chellie Pingree Congress John Baldecchi [...]

Senator collins holds wmd threat hearing(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine holds hearing on WMD Legislation, September 22, 2009…

Senator collins discusses health care reform on cnn(0)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine discusses health care reform efforts on CNN, September 30, 2009…