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Sens. coburn and barrasso discuss the democrats’ health care reform bill(0)

Tom Coburn and John Barrasso discuss Sen. Harry Reid’s health care bill that includes a “public option.” They also talk about government health care, rationing care, and Medicare fraud….

Sen. tom coburn (r-ok): health bill is about government control(0)

“The health care bill isn’t about health care. The health care bill is about government control. The health care bill is about eliminating the liberty and freedom to choose what is best for you and your family.”…

Anna & faison 1990 – part 28(0)

Air Force closes in. Robert goes along with plan to help Anna and Casey go on the run….

Anna & faison 1990 – part 29(0)

Anna & Casey on the run. Frisco fills Robert in on Casey and the search for the Crystal…

Corrupt leftist barbara boxer: you know what the real issue is in climate-gate? e-mail theft(0)

americasnewstoday.Com Corrupt Leftist Barbara Boxer: You Know What the Real Issue Is In Climate-gate? E-mail Theft 12-02-09…

Boxer compares abortion to viagra(0)

Barbara Boxer compares abortion to men taking Viagra….

President obama made an appearance as a third cbs commentator at the georgetown-duke basketball game(0)

President Obama made an appearance as a third CBS commentator at the Georgetown-Duke men’s college basketball game at the Verizon Center….

President obama answers to the gop criticism keith olbermann(0)

President Obama answers to the GOP Criticism Keith Olbermann…