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Christmas day northwest airlines plane bomb janet napolitano says we are safe(0)

Christmas Day 2009 a terrorist boarded a Northwest Airlines Flight 253 plane heading for Detroit and ignited a bomb that by some miracle failed to explode. The secretary of homeland security Janet Napolitano said we are safe then quickly had to retract that statement………. kinda…….. Turns out this terrorist had been tracked by the CIA [...]

Janet napolitano the system worked.mp4(0)

Janet Napolitano explains how the system worked after the the testicle bomber terror attack on Northwest Airlines flight 253. She is director of homeland security….

Michelle malkin – eric holder – yemen terrorists(0)

If you are wondering why Obama will not call this terrorism this says it all. Eric Holder and his law firm are protecting the Yemen terrorists. The White House is the real enemy by giving aid and support to the terrorists….

Hillary rodham clinton – campaign album(0)

The official Campaign Album from Hillary, 2008…

Omg !!! secretary of state hillary clinton stars in sarah palin ‘s new 2012 going rogue ad(0)

Hardball – mathews & kornblut lie about secy of state hillary clinton ‘s historic campaign(0)

Levi beats bristol, bianna meets peter, death greets ‘the rev’(0)

watch full news including video at…

Bianna golodryga announces engagement on “good morning america – tuesday”(0)

Perfect New Year Gift Bianna Golodryga, ABC News correspondent, announced on “Good Morning America – Tuesday” she is engaged to Obama administration budget director Peter Orszag. … Bianna Golodryga Announces Engagement ABC News correspondent on “Good Morning America – Tuesday” Obama administration budget director Peter Orszag….